Private English classes

Private English classes for all ages

FunTalk’s private English classes in Barcelona are carried out in the most entertaining and natural way possible, dealing with topics that interest the student and respond to their linguistic needs and learning pace. Conversation is very present in all classes because it is the best way to put theory into practice and to learn from mistakes.

At FunTalk we offer you private English classes in our language center in Barcelona but also private English courses at home or, why not? in your work. Your private English teacher will travel to the location of your choice at the agreed upon time. We get all our students, regardless of their age, to agree with this statement because our teachers personalize each class to the learning pace and tastes of each student and adapt to the current or future situation of each person.

For all ages

Children, youth and adults

Native teachers

You will always be surrounded by the best teachers and the classes are 100% personalized.

Schedules and Prices

Private English classes for all ages


Course 2022/2023 (September 5 - June 22)

Children, adolescents and adults of all levels

Nivel1 hora individual1 hora dos personas1 hora 3 personas o más
Todos los niveles37€41€ (20,50€ por persona)48€ (precio grupo)


Payment of classes in advance

You must give at least 24hrs notice in order to make up the class.


Individual classes or in groups of 2

Possibility of group lessons (+ 3 people)

Other aspects

Class replenishment is always done with alternative classes.

Cancellation of classes with 14 days notice

Advantages of FunTalk


Personalized attention

We adapt to the level of each student


Native teachers

Native teaching professionals



Classes based on your needs


Active learning

Learning by doing

Know all the details

Learning English is fun, entertaining and interesting

English private lessons academy in Barcelona

Private classes for children

If you are looking for private English classes for your children in Barcelona, taught by a native teacher, with an excellent educational quality and where your children will have fun and learn, you are on the right page!

At FunTalk, we know that in order for English support classes to meet their objective, they need to be adapted to the needs and specific learning style of each child. That is why, although our private English lessons are in line with the curriculum, they do not follow a closed syllabus and each lesson is unique: it is prepared to be as fruitful and effective as possible for each child.

Private classes for young people

Private English classes for high school in Barcelona are one of the most popular options among our students. With the change to ESO or baccalaureate, many adolescents and young people realize that it is no longer enough to “sink their elbows” to succeed in a subject. Especially in the case of English, at this level of education it is necessary to be able to understand and communicate in English in order to get good grades. You can’t leave any loose ends and that’s why many teenagers and young adults decide to maximize their study time with the help of an English academy or a private English teacher.

At FunTalk, we give the English support for secondary or high school that you are looking for your child, call us or come to meet us and we will inform you without obligation!

Private classes for adults

Each person who attends private English lessons at FunTalk has a different level and circumstances. Therefore, each student decides together with his or her private teacher what type of English course he or she wishes to receive: English for business, to prepare for an official English exam, English for travel, etc.

FunTalk’s private English classes for adults in Barcelona do not have a pre-established syllabus since each teacher personalizes the course for his or her student, designing and adapting it specifically to the preferences, needs, interests and learning pace of each student. In addition to flexibility in teaching, we also have total flexibility in schedules to adapt to the schedules of our students. For those of you who are always on a tight schedule, our teachers will come to your home or workplace to give private English lessons with the least possible loss (or investment!) of time for you.

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Can’t you come? No problem now

Home tutoring in Barcelona

Which do you prefer? Your private English classes for high school at our center in Barcelona or at your home. Just as we know that each student learns differently, we know that each student concentrates better, or is more receptive, in a different environment.

As we say, FunTalk’s private English lessons for high school are fully customizable and adaptable to the needs of the students. And this includes the environment where the classes are taught. Those who prefer to concentrate better in a space other than their own prefer to receive their private English lessons in our English center in Barcelona. However, there are also students who are more focused and better able to concentrate in a known and familiar space.

Choose your environment and FunTalk will take care of your private English classes, call us or come to meet us and we will inform you without obligation!

Advantages of our private classes

For students who are still reluctant to recognize the advantages of having a private tutor to improve their English results during secondary school and high school, here are some of the benefits that this type of education offers:

  • Teaching totally adapted to the level, objectives and preferences of the student.
  • Personalized follow-up where progress and performance is checked (and improved) in each class.
  • Resources, materials and tools customized to the student’s preferences.
  • Increased self-confidence and self-assurance in communicating and using English.
  • Much more output per session than in group classes.

All these benefits have a direct impact on the student’s academic performance. In FunTalk’s private English classes for teenagers and young adults we try not to focus on the idea that what you learn will only help you pass a subject or pass a course.

Through the resources, technology and games we use during private lessons, we make students see that English will be useful to them throughout their lives, both professionally and personally. In addition, because the course material is tailored to the student’s tastes and preferences, the grammar and vocabulary they need to pass the exams are easily and naturally absorbed.

In this way, the objectives of all participants in the educational process of the students are met. The young people are happy because they enjoy their private English classes; the parents are happy because their children pass and learn English; and we are happy because we get the students to enjoy learning English and stop seeing it as a pending subject. And if you still have any doubts, our students tell you how they have improved thanks to private English classes.

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