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FunTalk is a new concept and a breath of fresh air in language learning. FunTalk is an innovative, entertainment-based language center for children and adults, where interactive classes are maximized by integrating various workshops and activities offered to small groups while learning and practicing English.

FunTalk offers fun, engaging language classes and a wide range of variety of workshops and activities in English as they can be of cooking, arts and crafts, gardening, science experiments, or technology and smartphones where the different activities are used not only to learn a language, but also to practice it, live it and improve the level in an enjoyable and natural way. In this way we manage to improve your own expectations and change your attitude to finally improve your English level for the future.

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Types of letters in English

It is possible that, with the advance of new technologies, you may think that letters do not carry the same weight as they did a few years ago. Nevertheless, it remains the most successful means of communication on a wide variety of occasions and continues to be...

Would modal verb: how to use it

Would is a very unusual word. It is a modal auxiliary verb but has at least fourteen different uses and several different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. Would is commonly used to create conditional verb forms, but it also serves as a past form...

Difference between which and what

As far as grammatical rules are concerned, the difference between "that" and "which" is by far not the most controversial. It's not about using a preposition to end a sentence, or any of those other spelling and grammar rules that no one can agree on. But there is...


FunTalk is an innovative English language center for children and adults whose vision is based on fun.

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