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At FunTalk we are very clear that the educational method that works is the one based on cognitive psychology where the use of knowledge leads to action and, consequently, to learning. A child assimilates only 30% of what he hears and sees but internalizes and learns 90% of what he interacts with. FunTalk’ s English workshops for children in Barcelona put this method into practice by getting children to enjoy learning English, making them absorb the language in a more effective and natural way for them.

FunTalk is the pioneer language center in Barcelona in combining English courses with workshops and multi-thematic activities. This formula has helped to consolidate FunTalk’s motto “learning through fun” and has laid the foundations for a new way of teaching English in the city.

Creative workshops

Entirely in English

Disruptive method

Relating English to fun.

English workshops for children


2020/2021 academic year (September 14 - June 21)

Preschool and elementary school

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Registration fee: 15€.
Materials per quarter: 15€.
Book: 40€ approx


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Each course is paid quarterly or annually

Advantages of FunTalk


For all levels

Tailored and personalized courses according to needs


Native teachers

With extensive experience


Reduced Groups

Minimum 4 people and maximum 8


Workshops combined with fun

100% effective methodology

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Academy of English workshops in Barcelona

English cooking workshop for children

With programs as popular as Master Chef Junior or, here in Catalonia, Bogeria a la Pastisseria, cooking is becoming increasingly attractive to children. Taking advantage of this, at FunTalk we have a fun and busy cooking workshop in English. In it, we experiment with food while speaking English, learning new expressions and vocabulary. We cook many different and very tasty recipes that keep the children entertained and engrossed without realizing that besides playing and having fun, they are learning English.

And, of course, the expectation of tasting what we cook also adds to the children’s motivation!

English crafts workshop for children

This FunTalk workshop is one of the most popular among the students of our center in Barcelona because we always choose the crafts that children like the most. We develop children’s creativity, attention, memorization, concentration and, of course, English language skills. When children see how much they can build with their imagination, their hands and simple materials, they feel very proud of themselves. And when parents see how much English they learn in the craft workshops and the beautiful creations they take home, they are very proud of their children!

English gardening workshop for children

At FunTalk we have taken advantage of the fact that nature and plants are attractive to children and that urban gardens are all the rage in Barcelona to organize a popular and lively workshop in English for children on gardening. From its earliest stage, gardening offers a host of emotional benefits that are hard to find in other activities. In addition, children find it very rewarding to learn about and influence plant growth. In FunTalk’s gardening workshop for children, we develop children’s creativity and sensitivity while practicing English, learning a lot of vocabulary and doing fun group tasks.
Don’t wait until we run out of places and sign your children up for FunTalk’s English workshops!

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All about FunTalk’s English workshops for kids

Who is behind FunTalk’s English workshops for children?

FunTalk’s team of English teachers greatly enjoys supervising the children during the English workshops organized by the center in Barcelona. They enjoy it because the children are motivated and animated during the activities that make up the workshops, which makes the teachers’ work rewarding because they see how the children get involved and make easy progress in learning English. At FunTalk, we choose our team of teachers knowing that it is up to them to ensure that children enjoy learning English, with the consequent satisfaction of parents.

What are the teachers of FunTalk’s English workshops like?
  • They are native English teachers or have a native level.
  • They have extensive experience working with children and find it very rewarding to work with them on a daily basis.
  • They are creative and adaptable to the needs, learning style and character of each child.
  • They get involved in their work by motivating children with varied and innovative techniques.

Our students are delighted with our teachers and FunTalk’s English workshops for children,
read their comments!
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FunTalk is an innovative English language center for children and adults whose vision is based on fun.

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