English for adults in Barcelona

English courses for adults in small groups

When we talk about English for adults at FunTalk, we are talking about a small group of people with the common interest of improving their level of English. The groups will allow you to expand your knowledge of the language at your own pace and having fun, developing the aspects you need the most and learning the language gaining fluency, fluency, grammar and vocabulary in a natural and easy way.

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All levels

From basic to advanced levels (A1-C1)

Active learning

Complementary activities in the form of workshops, projects, presentations, etc.

English schedules for adults


Course 2022/2023 (October 3 - June 22)


1 clase/semana
1,5 horas/clase
2 clases/semana
3 horas/semana
Adult Talkers Curso GeneralTrimestral: 209€
Anual: 599€
LUN, MAR, MIER, JUE, VIE: 10-11:30 / 14:30-16 / 19:30-21 / 20-21:30
Trimestral: 389€
Anual: 1109€
Lun y Mie / Mar y Jue: 10-11:30 / 14:30-16 / 19:30-21 / 20-21:30
Clase de conversaciónTrimestral: 209€
Anual: 599€
LUN, MAR, MIER, JUE, VIE: 10-11:30 /
12-13:30 / 14:30-16 / 19:30-21 / 20-21:30
Trimestral: 389€
Anual: 1109€
Lun y Mie / Mar y Jue: 10-11:30 / 14:30-16 / 19:30-21 / 20-21:30

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Tuition: 30€ (Only for new students)

Book: 30€ approx (if used)

Material: to be paid for at the time of the workshop

If the group does not have a minimum of 4 people, we reduce the class hour at the same price.

Reservations and discounts

5% Single-parent or large family discount

5% Discount for the second member of the family

The reservation is made effective by a payment of 80€ on account of the course and the rest before starting the course.

Additional information

Afternoon conversation classes include a glass of wine.

Conversation classes in the morning include a cup of tea or coffee.

Advantages of FunTalk


For all levels

Tailored and personalized courses according to needs


Native teachers

With extensive experience


Reduced Groups

Minimum 4 people and maximum 8


Active learning

Methodology focused on effective communication

Know all the details

English for adults in Barcelona. Small groups. Enjoy learning English

English center for adults in Barcelona

In our English school in the center of Barcelona we have facilities prepared to break the mold with the usual group English courses. At FunTalk we focus on learning for and through communication in all its forms. We do not subscribe to the idea that you can only learn English with a pencil and paper in your hand, so although we also make use of these materials, technology is always present during our classes. In addition, we offer the possibility of sporadically complementing the classes of the English course for adults with manual workshops where we work with artistic and plastic materials. Ah! And we also have a kitchen where we can do some practical classes if it is of interest to all the students in the group.

At FunTalk we also organize workshops in English and that is why we have extensive experience in teaching English in an alternative way, offering:

– English for adults at the right level for you.

– Small groups of 8 people maximum.

– Unbeatable prices in the center of Barcelona.

– Professional, motivated, native or bilingual teachers who speak your language in the global sense of the phrase.

– Adequate facilities for integration during the course of activities.

– Appropriate learning pace adapted to the group.

– Private group English classes: for friends or acquaintances who want to learn English at the same level and want to form their own group.

Thus, at FunTalk’s English center in Barcelona, we bring together people with a similar level to attend classes and activities in English that are of interest to all participants and allow them to boost their knowledge of English for work, leisure or personal knowledge.

Other English courses for adults that might interest you

Private Lessons

At our center, at work, online, or at home. It’s up to you.

Conversation classes

Ideal for emphasizing speaking

All about Funtalk’s English classes for adults

Do you have specific needs and are looking for other English courses in Barcelona?

In the same way that in our English courses for adults we adapt to the needs and tastes of the students in the group, in our center we have English courses for all tastes and needs.

Preparation courses for the official Cambridge and TOEFL English exams are becoming more and more popular every year due to the increasing competition in the workplace and the cooperation of companies and educational institutions in Europe.

For adults who have very specific needs or who are looking for 100% personalized attention, consult our offer for private English classes for adults. At very good prices and with the possibility of receiving them in our center or at your home.

We also offer an express way to learn English quickly. However, FunTalk’s motto “Learning through fun” is not to be disregarded. Intensive English courses are designed for adults who are in a hurry to improve their English language skills.

FunTalk’s English workshops are very popular in Barcelona because they combine a practical activity with learning English. The variety is very wide and ranges from the necessary “Public Speaking in English” to a cooking course in English, a wine tasting or the already popular Mindfulness workshop.

And for those of you who want to learn English to make the most of your travels abroad, it’s a good idea to sign up for the summer intensive for adults to get the most out of the “English for travel” section.

Detailed schedules of FunTalk’s English courses for adults in Barcelona

Funtalk’s English courses for adults are designed to help you become fluent and combine theory with workshops and other types of non-conventional practices. We offer different time slots so that you can combine it with your work or your responsibilities, at a totally competitive price. In addition, if you are part of a single-parent or large family, you will get a 5% discount. Are you in?

Frequently asked questions about English for adults:

How many people are in the English groups?

All English courses are made up of a maximum of 8 people and a minimum of 4, in order to guarantee a totally personalized learning experience adapted to the needs of each student.

Do you offer preparation classes for the official Cambridge exams?

Indeed. At Funtalk we have courses for adults focused on the preparation of official Cambridge and TOEFL exams, from level A1 to C2.

Are the teachers native speakers?

Yes, all teachers are native English speakers or have a native level of English, qualified and experienced teachers.

What kind of workshops are held during the English course for adults?

At Funtalk we apply a methodology that goes beyond the conventional, mixing theory with practice through workshops, such as mindfulness, cooking, painting and all kinds of workshops.

Can I form my own class group?

That’s right. In our English academy you can sign up with your group of friends or acquaintances and form a private group to learn English at the same level.


FunTalk is an innovative English language center for children and adults whose vision is based on fun.

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