Fun Fridays

Friday English sessions with activities

In our Fun Fridays sessions we invite our students (and new students too!) to practice English through dynamic activities and games. Every Friday we will hold these sessions where current and new students can enjoy a fun and dynamic way to learn English.

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Learning through fun

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Learning English with games

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Fridays from October 8

From 5pm to 6pm or from 6pm to 7pm

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Learning through fun

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FunTalk Fun Fridays are the best way to learn through fun. A most effective method!

Learning English with games and activities

One of the main characteristics of FunTalk is that we are always committed to applying learning methodologies that are totally disruptive and unconventional, in order to achieve totally successful results.

Thanks to the combination of games, activities and workshops, leaving behind the conventional theoretical classes, we achieve that each and every one of the students who attend our sessions, learn while having fun, barely without realizing it.

In addition, thanks to the application of this alternative learning methodology, we allow all students, especially the youngest ones, to grow on a personal level while interacting with other students. This not only teaches them English, but also other values such as respect, humility and empathy.

Who said learning English was boring? With Fun Fridays you can see firsthand how learning languages can be exceptionally fun. In addition, all students will be able to enjoy activities such as cooking workshops, experiments, activities, dynamic games and much more.

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FunTalk is an innovative English language center for children and adults whose vision is based on fun.

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