Project-based English for high school in Barcelona

Project-based English groups for secondary schools are gaining importance in our center since this relatively new practice is starting to be adopted in many schools because it gives another twist to the classical English teaching methodology.

This methodology proposes an innovative teaching style that combines the different aspects of language learning (listening, writing, reading and speaking) with projects that present students with real situations that they must learn to solve. All this, obviously, in English.

For young people from ESO onwards

Different levels to suit the needs of the student

Native teachers

You will always be surrounded by the best teachers and the classes are 100% personalized.

English by projects timetable for Secondary School


Course 2022/2023 (September 5 - June 22)

Young people in ESO and Bachillerato

1 clase/semana
2 horas/semana
1T (sept - dic)
1 clase/semana
2 horas/semana
2T / 3T
2 clases/semana
3 horas/semana
1 clase de 3 horas viernes
1T (sept - dic)
2 clases/semana
3 horas/semana
1 clase de 3 horas viernes
2T / 3T
Teen Talkers Curso General con proyectosTrimestral: 306€
Trimestral: 245€
Anual: 755€
Trimestral: 399€Trimestral: 319€
Anual: 985€
15:20-16:50 / 18:30-20
15:20-16:50 / 18:30-20
VIE: 17:30-20:30

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Tuition: 30€ (Only for new students)

Book: approximately €30 to €40 per year

Material: 15€/quarter

Material 1T: 20€.

September classes are included in Q1.

If the group does not have a minimum of 4 people, we reduce the class hour at the same price.

Reservations and discounts

5% Single-parent or large family discount

5% Discount for the second sibling

The reservation is made effective by a payment of 80€ on account of the course and the rest before the beginning of the course.


Parents/guardians receive a written report at the end of the first and third quarters on the student’s progress and behavior.

During the second quarter they are invited to an individual meeting with the teacher, face-to-face or online.

Advantages of FunTalk


Outings in the neighborhood and Barcelona

By means of an entertaining, stimulating and educational practice


Native teachers

With extensive experience

Reduced Groups

Minimum 4 people and maximum 8


Courses combined with workshops and projects

100% effective methodology

Know all the details

Dynamic classes, where the student ceases to be a passive subject and takes responsibility for his or her own learning.

Project-based English courses with innovative methodology

At FunTalk we adopt this innovative methodology by introducing English groups for high school students that are based on project-based learning. A practical and dynamic course that helps students to deal confidently with real-life situations in English.

Our students are delighted with the projects! Here’s why you should choose FunTalk if you are looking for project-based English groups for high school students.
Learning English through projects in secondary school, also known as PBL, is an entertaining, stimulating and educational practice with the added incentive of outings with the students in the neighborhood and in Barcelona to learn first-hand the guidelines of the project they will have to carry out and how it relates to their reality and context.

In this way, high school English students fully absorb the situation of the project making them more involved in learning and developing the communicative aspects in a natural and intrinsic way.

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All about FunTalk’s project-based English classes

Project-based learning is very advantageous in any educational setting and English is no exception.

The main advantage is that it increases students’ motivation because they immediately see the result of their progress: they see that they understand the context of the project in English, that they can make themselves understood in English, they get things done even when communicating in English, etc. In short, the language is put into practice immediately.

Another advantage is that classes are much more dynamic than when using a classic teaching methodology, where the teacher leads the class by giving explanations and the students are often mere receivers of information.

In the English project groups for secondary school, students are no longer passive subjects but become fundamental elements of the classes in which they actively participate.

This active participation makes students more responsible for their own learning, makes them take it more seriously, and makes it easier for them to continue learning on their own when they leave English classes, without the need for outside help.

Why choose our project-based English course for high school students?

At FunTalk we profess the implementation of innovative methodologies in all our language courses. For us it is not the novelty, but the norm, to use new technologies, e-learning, arts and crafts or art in our English classes.

Teachers of this innovative course must be prepared to change their role in the classroom from being the subject matter experts to becoming the coordinators or mediators of change in the methodology of the project-based English course for high school students.

They go from telling students what to do, to helping them make decisions, to see things from a different perspective and to make them think critically and resolutely.

Our FunTalk teaching staff has adapted perfectly to this change! In addition, they are happy to provide the high school students in the project-based English group with English language skills and guidance (from their own experiences) in solving practical problems.

As if this were not enough, at FunTalk we take advantage of the reality of the neighborhood and of Barcelona to make the students identify with the projects presented. Thus, they become more involved in the learning process, making communication in English more natural and fluent.

In short, they will learn English, lose their fear of communicating in the language and gain useful experiences for the future. Don’t wait until the project-based English group for high school students is sold out!

Frequently asked questions about English for children:

What is the PBL methodology?

It is learning by problems or real-life projects, which focuses on the student, who becomes his or her own responsible for his or her education. This is an innovative and most effective teaching style.

Are the teachers native speakers?

Indeed. All teachers are native or native English speakers, qualified and experienced teachers.

What is the recommended age for project-based English courses?

The project-based English courses are totally oriented to high school students, both ESO and Bachillerato. Each and every one of our courses is adapted to the level of the students, according to their needs.


FunTalk is an innovative English language center for children and adults whose vision is based on fun.

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