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Are you looking for your children to have fun while making the most of their time during their Easter vacation?
Looking for an Easter camp in English that fits your schedules and pockets and also offers an adequate balance between leisure and education for the children… it is not easy!

At FunTalk we understand how difficult it is for working parents to find suitable and affordable options for their children during the Easter holiday. That’s why we want to help parents make that stressful decision easier.

4 days

Easter Camp in English for children 3 to 11 years old.

Native teachers/monitors

Native or bilingual teachers/monitors with experience

Easter Camp in English Timetable


Course 2022/2023 ( April 3-6)

Mornings: 9h – 13:30h

All day: 9h – 16:30h

For the four days: Mornings – 96 € / All day – 127€ / All day – 127€ / All day – 127€ / All day – 127€

Single days: Morning – 40€ / All day – 53€.

Service 8:30-9h and/or 16:30-17h – 8€/child/week

(Children bring their lunch or tupperware)

Advantages of FunTalk


For all levels

Tailored to each student


Native teachers

Native or bilingual teachers


All types of activities

Arts & Crafts, cooking, games and more


Workshops combined with fun

100% effective methodology

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 A fun and interactive English-language Camp during the Easter holiday.

 English Language Camp in Barcelona for Easter

The FunTalk English center in Barcelona offers a fun and active English language camp during the Easter holiday for children between 3 and 11 years old.  Children will participate in multiple activities that will make them move, play, think, speak and use English in a naturally, all in a fun and motivating way.

Following the same pattern as our English courses during the school year, FunTalk will combine dynamic English activities with a variety of interactive workshops. This combination is perfect as it allows each child to be the protagonist during the class and to use and interact with English as much as possible.

Don’t wait until we run out of places and sign your child up now for the fun!

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Methodology based on active learning.

Activities during the camp

Our camp is characterized by offering activities of all kinds, so that children can learn and have fun at the same time. For this reason, we offer cooking workshops, arts and crafts to put their creativity into practice, scientific experiments, gardening activities, a multitude of dynamic and developmental games, as well as an Easter egg hunt to celebrate Easter, and we finish the week with a party for the children.

Our active learning approach is fully tested and proves that, through fun and the combination of games, workshops and activities, learning at all ages is much more effective.

During this 4-day Easter Camp  in English, the children will participate in innovative workshops:

  • They will try to emulate MasterChef Junior in the FunTalk kitchen.
  • They will do manual and artistic work with the countless material we have in the school.
  • They will practice English while having fun with science experiments.
  • They will play multiple games.
  • They will sing.
  • Enjoy looking for (and tasting!) Easter eggs at the end of the week.

Do you need more reasons to know why our Easter English Language Camp is the best option in Barcelona?  Find out here!

The Easter Camp in English is from April 3-6 at our English language center in Barcelona. FunTalk offers flexibility to parents as they can sign up their children for all four days or just for single days. The price of the children’s Easter Week English language camp is 96€ or 127€ per child and the price per day is 40€ or 53€ per child.


Who teaches FunTalk’s Easter Week English Language Camp?

When we choose our teachers, whether for our workshops or English classes during the course or our Easter Camp in English, FunTalk pays great attention that all of them are, in addition to being native English speakers or have a native level of English, completely passionate about their work as English teachers.

Teachers are much more motivated and happy when they are allowed to pour their creativity into their work and this, in turn, results in an English class that engages and involves students much more. The enthusiasm of the teachers inevitably spreads to the students, encouraging participation and getting them involved in the activities spontaneously, without being aware that they are learning English at the same time.


Why FunTalk for your Easter English language camp?

Because we have more than 15 years of experience in providing and organizing quality after-school and English activities where children feel fully involved and motivated in learning English.

Because we offer a COMPLETELY tailor-made solution for every parent looking for the perfect Easter Camp in English for their child.

Because our English center is very well located in Barcelona, in an area very well connected by metro and bus.

Because all our English teachers are native speakers (or have a native level of English), they are dynamic, responsible and motivated in their work. In addition, they bring all their creativity and enthusiasm, which inevitably gets the children involved in the English classes without being aware of it.

Because in addition to their qualifications as English teachers, our staff have received training or have a complementary interest in arts & crafts, dance, painting, cooking, science,  and other creative disciplines.

Because our Easter Camp in English has the same common denominator as the rest of FunTalk’s English classes and workshops: they are so much fun and stimulating that none of our students know how they have been able to learn English with so little effort.


FunTalk is an innovative English language center for children and adults whose vision is based on fun.

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