English for schools

English for schools

At FunTalk we have all the services you are looking for. Yes, yes!

We introduce you to our English language camp for schools, thought and designed exclusively to bring the English language a little closer to children and teenagers. CHANGE TEXT TO MORE ABOUT CASAL IN FUNTALK Our main objective is to be able to offer a casal as an intensive so that children can learn in a comfortable, practical and, above all, easy way.

Thanks to our disruptive method, we make learning English not a matter of age, level or pace of learning. Who said it was too late to learn a new language? This format will allow you to learn in the shortest possible time.

Small groups

Personalized learning

Tailor-made services

For all schools in Barcelona

English language camps for schools

Advantages of FunTalk


For all levels

Tailored and customized according to needs


Native teachers

Professional teachers


Reduced Groups

Personalized learning


Disruptive methodology

100% effective

Know all the details

Total immersion in English through a disruptive and personalized methodology.

English courses in schools in Barcelona

Our English courses for schools in Barcelona are a service that is in increasing demand, and this is not surprising. Thanks to this format and the methodology used, all students can learn in a way that escapes the conventional, prioritizing personalization at all times. The native teachers have many years of teaching experience, so they know exactly which methods are the most effective in demonstrating that English knows no age.

We focus on learning through dynamic exercises and conversation, always focusing on enhancing those areas or fields in which students have more difficulties.

No matter what the level of the participants, at FunTalk, we approach all our English classes and workshops in a personalized way, adapting to the pace and level of each participant.

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Who is FunTalk’s English Language Center for Schools in Barcelona for?

Our English language camp is aimed at all those children and/or teenagers from any school in the city of Barcelona and/or the surrounding area. Anyone with an interest and desire to learn can sign up for this new, totally innovative and disruptive service.

We adapt to the levels of all students and offer a learning system based on personalization, under the philosophy of “will is power”.

The team behind FunTalk’s English for Schools House

The teachers in charge of our English language school house in Barcelona are native English speakers or people with a native level of English who are 100% motivated by their profession.

We are talking about professionals with extensive experience in teaching, capable of perfectly directing a house of these characteristics. Likewise, thanks to their skills, they are able to generate the necessary motivation in the students to make the casal a success and an unparalleled experience.

Advantages of the FunTalk English Language School House

FunTalk’s English language camp for schools is an ideal option for a large number of reasons, as we will tell you below:

    • Entirely in English
    • Disruptive learning
    • Practice-based teaching
    • A variety of workshops on different topics
    • Time flexibility
    • Price suitable for all budgets
    • Native professionals with years of teaching experience
    • Unparalleled location
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FunTalk is an innovative English language center for children and adults whose vision is based on fun.

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