English at home

English home stay with friends

We have a new service for you!

For families who cannot attend our Casal in our center or who want something in their neighborhood in Barcelona or in the surroundings of Barcelona. The FunTalk team will take care of everything. We take our famous Casal to wherever you are with your friends.

Small groups

Between 4 and 6 friends

Tailor-made services

In different neighborhoods

English at home schedules


2021/2022 academic year (December - June)

9h to 13h (option to vary)

15h to 19h (option to vary)

99 per week

Advantages of FunTalk


For all levels

Tailored and customized according to needs


Native teachers

Professional teachers


Reduced Groups

Minimum 4 children and maximum 6


Workshops combined with fun

100% effective methodology

Know all the details

Total immersion in English through creative workshops and activities at home and outdoors.

English workshops and activities at home in Barcelona and surroundings

Although the children do not physically travel to other parts of the world, the immersion achieved during the Casal EN CASA in English is total because during the casal we only speak English during the activities, classes and workshops.

We also take advantage of any moment in the daily routine to implement new vocabulary, practice expressions or learn to communicate in contexts that may arise during meals, recess, lunch or spontaneous games of children or young people.

The language richness generated in these situations complements the immersion that occurs during workshops or multi-thematic projects and activities at home and outdoors.

Some of the
workshops in English
that the children will enjoy during the English language home stay are:

– Kitchen
– Gardening
– Scientific experiments
– Handicrafts
– Games

In all of them, varied and entertaining projects are carried out, always in English, which subtly lead the children or youngsters towards learning the language.

Among the favorite activities for children or young people are outings in your neighborhood. So, we take advantage of the good weather to do a variety of outdoor activities that provide plenty of opportunities to practice different English vocabulary and expressions.

This outdoor time offers children the sunlight and fresh air that they enjoy so much and that is so beneficial to their English language learning and their overall health.

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For whom and when is FunTalk’s English home stay in Barcelona and surroundings?

The English home stay is aimed at children or young people between the ages of P3 and 17 from Barcelona and the surrounding area, whatever their hobbies, personalities or tastes, who want to have fun with a variety of workshops, projects and fun outdoor activities.

We offer the personalized service of the Casal during all school vacations throughout the year, Christmas, white week, Easter and all summer. Attendance at FunTalk’s Casal EN CASA in English is totally flexible: children can sign up on a weekly basis. Attendance in consecutive weeks is also not required.

The team behind FunTalk’s Casal EN CASA in English

The teachers in charge of our summer camp AT HOME in English in Barcelona are native English speakers or people with a native level of English who are 100% motivated by their profession.

We have a team that has the perfect skills to run a Casal EN CASA in English: they complement their knowledge, skills and abilities as English teachers with the creativity and motivation needed to run a children’s casal.

The result is that the children receive these imaginative activities as a breath of fresh air and that their total immersion in the language inevitably pushes the absorption of English in a natural and lighthearted context.

Why is FunTalk’s Casal EN CASA in English the best in Barcelona?

FunTalk’s English home stay is an ideal option for the following reasons:

    • Entirely in English
    • Fun-based learning
    • Varied workshops with different themes so that they can explore and discover new activities.
    • Combines outdoor and indoor activities
    • You can enjoy the summer in a different way
    • Flexible scheduling so that parents can adapt to their child’s schedule
    • Price suitable for all budgets
    • Native professionals with years of teaching experience
    • Unparalleled location
    • Children stimulate their brains


FunTalk is an innovative English language center for children and adults whose vision is based on fun.

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