English workshops for adults in Barcelona

English activities in Barcelona

English workshops for adults in Barcelona: cooking, mindfulness, painting and all kinds of activities and workshops in English. FunTalk’s English workshops for adults are designed for those people in Barcelona who want to learn the language while enjoying it and gaining knowledge in another area. We organize workshops and activities in creative, personal growth, artistic and even enogastronomic subjects.

Ample time availability, small groups, lots of variety and much more fun! In addition, there are activities that take place in mixed groups of native speakers and English students in a heterogeneous mix of cultures and languages that you will love.

Have fun, learn, relax and experiment with English in a practical, direct and entertaining way.

Creative workshops

Entirely in English

Disruptive method

Learning by doing

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Registration fee: 15€.
Materials per quarter: 15€.
Book: 40€ approx


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Each course is paid quarterly or annually

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For all levels

Customized and personalized workshops


Native teachers

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Reduced Groups

Minimum 4 people and maximum 8


Workshops combined with fun

100% effective methodology

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English language workshop academy in the center of Barcelona

International food nights

At FunTalk, we are always looking for new ways to offer you different and enriching experiences where you can practice your English while participating in fun and interactive activities. That is why we have decided to create a Cooking Workshop for adults.in which we follow our own methodology of “learning by doing”. During our workshops you will learn the vocabulary of cooking, as well as the different ingredients used in each workshop because… our workshops will be international! Each month we will present a dish from different cuisines around the world. The workshops will be once a month, and will have a duration of 2.5 hours.

English cooking workshop for adults

At the FunTalk language center in Barcelona we have a real kitchen and it is not surprising that it is the preferred space for many of our students. In the FunTalk kitchen, we get in touch with English through cooking together. We prepare the shopping list by discussing what to buy and what not to buy and why; we discuss where and how to get the best ingredients for each dish; how to distinguish the quality of a product, etc. Finally, we proceed to the preparation of the chosen recipe and, of course, to its tasting!

In FunTalk’s cooking workshop in English the culinary and language experience is complete because we also analyze the taste of the dishes prepared, their preparation, the ingredients and how to improve them on future occasions. Yes, the entirecooking workshop is taught in English! But don’t let this deter you from joining this attractive workshop in English because you will be surprised by the amount of gastronomic vocabulary you already know.

Elevator pitch

This workshop in English for adults is a must for entrepreneurs and business people who want to open a market with foreign companies. We will teach you how to present your business in a clear and concise way through a short and to the point speech. The formula of the so-called “
Elevator Pitch
“is nowadays applied in many business meetings of businessmen and entrepreneurs. It is about presenting your business, your product or yourself concisely and convincingly in three minutes. To do this, we must be very clear about what we do, the vocabulary we use and how others perceive our business. What do you think if we practice all this in English, your success is assured! Don’t wait any longer and sign up for our workshop in English to prepare your “Elevator Pitch”.

Handicrafts workshop

Crafts are back in fashion and at FunTalk we know how to create trends. The English craft workshop for adults is the time you need to relax, do something creative and practice English in a relaxed but effective way. We will introduce you to the latest techniques and trends in art as well as improve your English and creativity. You will experience English through the creation of artistic projects, giving shape to ideas and projects with recycled materials, drawings, painting, etc. If you know that your artistic branch is painting, then Painting & Wine is the workshop for you.

Public speaking and presentations

This practical and very useful workshop in English develops basic qualities that everyone should know and master as they are useful in countless moments in anyone’s life. If you add to this the fact that the workshop is conducted in English, the usefulness of what you will learn is multiplied. We will teach you the techniques to speak correctly and relaxed in public and we will put into practice what you have learned so that you will feel comfortable in any situation in which you have to present your ideas, work or projects in public.

Mindfulness Workshop in English

is in fashion and at FunTalk, we like to be trendy! In this workshop in English for adults you will learn to live life more fully, to live in the moment and to be aware of your present through the reflective practice of mindfulness. The mindfulness workshop in English for adults also includes a debriefing at the end of each session where we will discuss the benefits, body awareness and other aspects of mindfulness. All in English, of course.

Painting & wine

Painting & Wine is an exclusive FunTalk activity to socialize in English and experience the language while creating your own painting. FunTalk proposes a painting workshop in English in a space where you can enjoy a glass of wine or the drink of your choice, practice your English and share your love for art. Mia, our English teacher with a degree in art, will guide you step by step through the creative process of your painting, created at your own pace, until you have your artwork finished at the end of each session. Check out all the details of this workshop in English through our blog post.

Interview preparation in English

Thousands of people
go abroad every month to look for work
. In addition, many foreign companies, especially in Barcelona, are looking every day to increase their workforce with English-speaking candidates. In order to be lucky in either field, it is best to be well prepared for the job interview in English. At FunTalk we have native teachers with extensive experience in preparing for job interviews in English. During the English interview preparation course you will learn how to present yourself as the right candidate for the job you are applying for; you will learn how to answer the type of questions that are usually asked in interviews; you will learn business vocabulary in English and you will be guided in everything that will be useful for you to succeed in the interview.

Thanks to this workshop in English for adults you will go to your job interview in English calm, relaxed and self-confident so you won’t miss any opportunity and you will be able to get the job you are looking for.

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