English conversation classes in Barcelona

The English conversation classes for adults in Barcelona offered by FunTalk are aimed at people who specifically want to improve their communication skills in English. To achieve this, we provide students with a relaxed and playful environment where they can give free rein to the development of debate and dialogue in the context of a current reality.

We create an environment as relaxed as possible, similar to a conversation with friends or acquaintances in a cafe, where participants are relaxed and forget that they are in an English conversation class. For those who wish, FunTalk even offers a glass of wine during the classes – it couldn’t be more relaxed!

Contact FunTalk now and we will inform you about English conversation classes for adults without obligation!

Active learning

Methodology focused on effective communication

Native teachers

Classes are 100% personalized with native teachers

Schedules and Prices

English conversation classes for adults


Course 2022/2023 (October 3 - June 22, July 4 - 29 )

Adults for all levels

1 clase/semana
1,5 horas/clase
2 clases/semana
3 horas/semana
Adult Talkers Curso GeneralTrimestral: 209€
Anual: 599€
LUN, MAR, MIER, JUE, VIE: 10-11:30 / 14:30-16 / 19-20:30 / 20-21:30
Trimestral: 389€
Anual: 1109€
Lun y Mie / Mar y Jue: 10-11:30 / 14:30-16 / 19-20:30 / 20-21:30
English & WineTrimestral: 209€
Anual: 599€
LUN, MAR, MIER, JUE, VIE: 19-20:30 / 20-21:30
English & Tea/CoffeeTrimestral: 209€
Anual: 599€
LUN, MAR, MIER, JUE, VIE: 10-11:30 / 12-13:30


Registration fee: 30€.

Book: 30€ per year approx. (if used)

Material: paid for when a workshop is held


Small groups

Between 4 and 8 students

If the group does not have a minimum of 4 people, we reduce the class hour at the same price.

Reservations and discounts

Reservation by payment of 80€.

15 days notice for cancellations

Advantages of FunTalk


Personalized attention

We adapt to the pace and level of the students.


Native teachers

Native and bilingual professionals


Reduced Groups

From 4 to a maximum of 8 persons


Active learning

Learning by doing

Know all the details

Classes aimed at improving the oral part of the English language and gaining the necessary fluency.

Methodology of conversation classes

In FunTalk’s English conversation classes for adults, we present group and pair dynamics, debates and round tables on current and socio-cultural topics through film excerpts, press, social networks and various audiovisual materials.

We work on the expressions and vocabulary of each topic to later develop debates, dialogues and simulations where students can put their knowledge into practice and share their opinions.

None of the above would make sense without analysis and feedback from the teacher, since the best way to improve a language is to learn from mistakes. Feedback and/or corrections from the teacher is the most effective way to improve oral fluency and assimilate new and acquired knowledge.

Objectives of oral English classes

FunTalk’s English conversation classes are designed and structured for each participant to speak and enjoy. Of course, the main objective is to improve oral fluency in this language and the topics chosen are always topical and take into account the hobbies and tastes of the participants, be they cultural, political, economic, social, etc.
We use conversation as the main communication tool to enable participants to express their ideas and opinions effectively and concisely. Thus, FunTalk’s English conversation classes aim to make communication more varied, coherent and natural when it comes to maintaining and sustaining conversations in English.
Come and meet us at our center in Aragó, 119 in the center of Barcelona or contact us with your questions!

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Advantages of FunTalk’s private English lessons

Although in the long run the advantages of receiving English conversation classes are endless, here are some of the reasons why FunTalk courses and, in this case, English conversation classes stand out from other centers in Barcelona:

– Small groups
– Competitive prices
– Flexibility of agenda
– We invite you to a glass of wine during the classes.
– Experienced native teachers, eager to teach and adaptability to the group.
– Modern and stimulating facilities in Barcelona
– Frequent use of new technologies during the course
– Possibility of joining the English conversation course at any time of the year.

In addition, like all our courses, the English conversation course for adults also subscribes to FunTalk’s motto: Learning through fun! Adults can also have fun, including learning.


FunTalk is an innovative English language center for children and adults whose vision is based on fun.

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