English for schools in Barcelona

English for schools in Barcelona

Workshops and activities in English for schools

At FunTalk we offer workshops and educational activities in English for schools in Barcelona: cooking, crafts, Christmas, sports and much more.

The English workshops for schools and educational centers in Barcelona organized by FunTalk propose a new, didactic and fun educational offer to accompany and extrapolate the teaching of English from conventional methods.
At FunTalk we have more than ten years of experience in teaching and organizing quality activities in English. Thanks in part to this extensive experience, we know how to adapt and perfectly complement the needs of each school.

Some of the most popular workshops organized in schools in Barcelona are:
– English cooking workshop
Craft workshop in English
Multisport workshop in English
– Thematic workshops in English for holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Carnival, etc.

But the list goes much further, with workshops in English on gardening, outdoor activities, science experiments, music, storytelling or visits to markets.

FunTalk has the most innovative and effective offer in Barcelona both in educational workshops in English and in complementary activities in English for schools and educational centers .

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Why workshops in English for schools in Barcelona are a good proposal

Because at FunTalk, we make the English workshops organized in each school or educational center a unique proposal. Each workshop, each activity is designed COMPLETELY tailored to each school, according to their curriculum, needs and preferences.

Because the nexus of all English workshops for schools is that children explore the language in an alternative way while practicing some of the activities they enjoy the most. This helps them disassociate themselves from the idea that English is learned exclusively in a classroom while encouraging children to speak English without realizing it (or being embarrassed) when they are engaged in another activity they enjoy.

Because through FunTalk and our subsidiary GetEnglish we have extensive experience in the field of teaching English, as well as in the organization of workshops and complementary activities in English for schools, demonstrating our value by collaborating with several schools in Barcelona such as Escola Vedruna Àngels. The summer and Easter camps in English for schools and AMPAs that we organize are always a success!

Needless to say, all of these English workshops are organized and adapted to each school’s syllabus so that the activities perfectly complement each school’s curriculum.

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What is FunTalk’s objective as a partner for schools in Barcelona in the teaching of English?

Our mission at FunTalk, not only in the English educational workshops we organize for schools, but in all the activities we develop, is to turn learning English into fun through innovative methods that awaken the curiosity of the students.

In the case of schools, our main objective is to offer a quality service that provides excellent results and meets the expectations of both teachers at a didactic level and students at a recreational level.

At the same time, we want to help FunTalk partner schools to to stand out among the long list of educational centers in Barcelona thanks to an innovative and quality offer. The parents are very concerned that their children learn English not only at a grammatical level, but also in a practical, natural and fluent way.

Of course, our ultimate and absolute goal is for children to learn English while having fun. And this is what undoubtedly ends up happening. We don’t say so,our students say so!

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What kind of English workshops can FunTalk organize in our school?
The quickest answer is to say that we can organize any educational workshop or complementary activity in English that your school needs. The easiest thing to do is to contact Josh or Jodie at FunTalk to tell them about your idea.

The needs of the schools converge in the same idea that the English workshops work on complementary aspects of the curriculum while presenting an alternative that the children find fun and entertaining. The English workshops for schools that FunTalk organizes in Barcelona adopt this idea and complement it 100%.

Among the schools, some of the most popular activities are English cooking workshops, English craft workshops and English multisport workshops. Although we know that there is something for everyone, that is why we also organize workshops in other disciplines such as gardening, storytelling, painting, music, outdoor activities, scientific experiments or visits to markets in Barcelona.

A very interesting option for schools in Barcelona are the thematic workshops in English based on different festivities or celebrations such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, carnivals, etc. These occasions always present enjoyable and productive alternatives for children to reinforce what they have learned in class with a hands-on workshop in English.

Visit our center in Barcelona at Aragò, 119 or call us with your proposal for the English workshop your school needs!


FunTalk is an innovative English language center for children and adults whose vision is based on fun.

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