After-school English classes at school

After-school English classes in schools are the ideal service for children and teenagers to learn English outside of school hours, but without the need to travel. In fact, FunTalk teachers will come to the students’ school, so that they can carry out the English classes from there, as if it were just another extracurricular activity.

In this way, the students’ parents will not have to worry about their children’s travel expenses and can rest assured that their children will be making the most of their time after school, learning a new language. And thanks to the active learning methods we use in FunTalk Barcelona, all students learn without almost realizing it, through games and dynamic activities.

Contact FunTalk now and we will inform you about after-school English classes for schools without obligation!

Active learning

Methodology focused on effective communication

Native teachers

Classes are 100% personalized with native teachers

after-school English classes at school


Registration fee: 25€.

Book: 30€ per year approx. (if used)


Small groups

Between 4 and 10 students

Reservations and discounts

Reservation by payment of 60€.

5% discount for single-parent and large families.

Advantages of FunTalk


Personalized attention

We adapt to the pace and level of the students.


Native teachers

Native and bilingual professionals


Reduced Groups

Between 4 persons and a maximum of 10


Active learning

Learning by doing

Know all the details

After-school English classes to encourage children and teenagers to learn English with their schoolmates.

Methodology of after-school English classes

In the program of FunTalk’s after-school English classes for schools in Barcelona we present group dynamics, debates, games, workshops, conversation and much more, so that children and teenagers can develop their abilities and skills in the English language.

Our after-school English classes are suitable for students of all ages and varied levels, since our aim is to bring English in a personalized, tailored and easy way to anyone who wants it.

None of the above would make sense without analysis and feedback from the teacher, since the best way to improve a language is to learn from mistakes. All our teachers are native speakers or have native level, as well as extensive teaching experience and background.

Why choose FunTalk’s after-school English classes?

FunTalk is characterized by offering a totally disruptive, practice-based methodology in all its courses, workshops, workshops and different types of services. Yes, we know that theory is important, but we firmly believe and we can demonstrate thanks to different studies and years of experience, that learning by doing is a much more efficient and effective method.
In addition, thanks to the small groups, we can offer a totally personalized and individualized attention to each student, in order to adapt to the needs of each one.

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Advantages of FunTalk’s after-school English classes

As we have already mentioned, all the services offered by FunTalk English school are aimed at bringing the English language closer to society. For this reason, we adapt all our courses to the needs of the students, always focusing on a methodology that offers results in a short period of time. Among the different advantages that you will find when you choose to enroll your children in our after-school English courses in schools in Barcelona, we highlight the following:

– Small groups
– Competitive prices
– Flexibility of agenda
– Disruptive methodology
– Without leaving the school
– Frequent use of new technologies during the course
– Workshops, activities, debates and much more.

In addition, like all our courses, the after-school English classes for schools also subscribe to FunTalk’s motto: Learning through fun!

after-school English classes
extracurricular English classes
after-school English at school


FunTalk is an innovative English language center for children and adults whose vision is based on fun.

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