Spanish Classes from 36€ per month!  Now that’s a deal!

FunTalk isn’t just another language school in the neighborhood, we bring learning to life and make it fun!  Being expats ourselves we completely understand the challenges faced with learning a new language.   Learning any language is a continuous process, and to really learn something, you must enjoy the process. When learning becomes a pleasure, students intrinsically learn, grow, have fun, and ultimately want to learn and progress!

FunTalk Spanish classes focus on all aspects of learning a language, reading, writing, and listening, but most of all we focus on communication, speaking, and using the language. By implementing new vocabulary and grammar along the way, no matter what level you have, students actively participate in their learning experience. Furthermore, we provide an open, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere, where mistakes are encouraged, to help to build your confidence when speaking.

 FunTalk Spanish classes adapt to what the students need to get out of the classes. Whether it’s opening a bank account, ordering at a stand in the market, understanding and discussing a news article, or even preparing for an official exam, we make it practical and useful.  At FunTalk we have a beautiful, open and bright school, a spacious kitchen area which can be used by our students for fun food or cooking activities during class. 

FunTalk Spanish teachers are not just fully qualified with plenty of experience, but most importantly, they are passionate about what they do. This in turn makes the class more engaging, more entertaining, and ultimately more motivating for the students. 

Check out our schedule to see what time and day suits you, because you won’t be able to beat our unbelievable price of just 6€ an hour.

Got time in the evening? Join our Spanish & wine classes – from 6€/hour (with a glass of wine included)

Prefer classes in the morning? Join our Spanish & coffee classes – from 6€/hour (with a cup of coffee included)