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3 DECEMBER    15:30h – 16h

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FunBabies: Activities in English for expats with babies from 8 months old

FunBabies are activities in English  for expats with babies and toddlers from 8 months old organized by FunTalk and that help develop the beginning language skills in English for your babies and toddlers.  
FunBabies fits perfectly into our parameters to provide an enjoyable, stimulating and participatory learning environment in English. In this new project we develop the ability that your baby has to learn English naturally and spontaneously.
Preschoolers will discover English through songs, dance, music, stories, games, messy play and multiple activities of sensory stimulation.
We are sure that this formula will conquer the hearts of many parents and to introduce this concept so you can get to know first hand what FunBabies really is, we invite you to come to our OPEN HOUSE next MONDAY, 3 DECEMBER, from 15:30h to 16:00h in our centre in  Carrer Aragò, 119 in the centre Barcelona.

Don’t miss our OPEN HOUSE ON 3 DECEMBER!

FunBabies will win the hearts of parents.  Reserve you place in FunTalk!

Please consult this page for practical information about FunBabies and everything you need to know before coming with your baby to have a good time.


FunBabies:  activities in English for expats with babies in Barcelona

What do the activities consist of?

The activities in English for expats with babies are aimed at children from 8 months old are based on activities designed for babies and toddlers to develop their cognitive abilities while in touch with English and, as they do with their (other) mother tongue, begin to communicate using the language and sounds related to their daily needs.

That’s why we have prepared countless activities with music, dance, games, songs, stories, messy play and other sensory stimulation activities where they will become familiar with their environment and the world around them through the exploration of multiple textures, sounds, materials, flavors and sensations that babies find fascinating.
It is also the perfect opportunity for parents to participate in an activity with their little one in English. Great for both of you!

Do not wait any longer and book your spot at FunTalk! Or come to our center in Aragò, 119.

 Even more positive aspects about FunBabies

Other English-speaking parents also come to  the activities aimed at expats with babies and Spaniards alike. So, in addition to enjoying your time with your child in a 100% English-speaking environment, you can also meet English-speaking and non-English speaking parents in the area. The FunBabies concept is completely valid for babies of any mother tongue.
The role of the adults who accompany the baby during this activities in English for expats is key for the baby to adapt to the dynamics of the class. Also, their presence helps the child feel more comfortable and take in the senses and knowledge acquired during the activities.
The adult who accompanies the baby or toddler will enjoy seeing how their child is fully involved in the activities while socializing with other parents who inevitably have a lot in common. These encounters break the routine and isolation that many parents feel during the first years of their baby.

Come and meet other parents in your area! Reserve a place for your baby or toddler!

FunBabies: The best way for babies and toddlers to learn English

Many studies conclude that the neurological connections of the baby’s brain increase considerably if it is exposed to a second language. These connections facilitate the intellectual development of the baby, not only when it comes to learning languages, but for different basic cognitive aspects.
A baby has the ability to learn any language spontaneously from the first months of life. Parents do not have to master a language so that children can acquire knowledge. How many cases are given of second generations of immigrants who speak the language of the host country of their parents to perfection?
The important thing is to find the right tools to promote language learning, in addition to preschool children being exposed to the language frequently in order to establish a good foundation and acquire a perfect pronunciation (the great pending subject of Spanish speakers).

Do not miss this entertaining activity in English for babies and toddlers from 8 months old and reserve your place now!

You can see more information about FunBabies on Facebook and Instagram; or stop by our Barcelona center in Aragò, 119, the doors are always open!

Información general y condiciones

La reserva de plaza se hace efectiva mediante un pago de 60€ a cuenta del curso y el resto antes de empezar el curso (no aceptamos tarjeta de crédito)

Grupos mínimo 4 máximo 8 personas

Si el grupo no tiene un mínimo de 4 personas reducimos la hora de clase al mismo precio.

Bajas: avisar con 15 días de antelación para no pagar cuota.

5% descuento familia monoparental y familias numerosas.